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Gum Graft McMinnville OR

Dentist pointing to dental image scan and speaking to smiling patient sitting in dental chiarGum grafting can help those patients that have suffered soft tissue damage from gum disease or tooth loss.

It can also improve your smile and give you a more pleasing smile with a healthier look to your gum line.

If you are looking to improve your smile, then you should come to see Dr. Graser at Willamette Valley Periodontics and find out if gum grafting is the right solution for you.

What Is A Gum Graft

A gum graft is a relatively simple procedure used to repair and reshape your gum line through the addition of new soft tissue.

During a graft, our team starts by administering a localized anesthetic.

We will then carefully attach either donor or harvested tissue to your gums where you need it. Once your procedure is complete, the new tissue will slowly combine with the existing tissue and begin to function like your natural gums.

Why Is Gum Grafting Needed?

Your gums play several important roles.

First and foremost, your gums help stabilize your teeth and hold them in place.

They also protect the roots and bases of your teeth from becoming exposed to bacteria and plaque build-up, which can lead to decay and infection. Receding gums may result in tooth sensitivity.


Your gums also play a major cosmetic role. Damaged or receding gums will take away from the aesthetics of your smile and give your teeth an unnaturally long appearance. Damaged gums can also be discolored and unsightly.

Gum grafting is necessary to address both of these concerns. The grafted material will not only give you a more natural gum line, but the material will also support and protect your teeth. Healthy gums are far less prone to gum disease and will make your task of maintaining good oral hygiene that much easier.

Where Is Gum Graft Material Harvested From?

While bone graft material can come from many different locations, gum grafts are sometimes completed as an autograft. This means that your own tissue is used for the graft, as opposed to using a synthetic or foreign soft tissue. Soft tissue is not as versatile as bone when it comes to grafts, so using your own tissue can improve the outcome - but donor tissue is still a great option when larger grafts are required.

a person with healthy teeth and gums smiling

Often, the palate on the roof of your mouth is often the best choice to obtain soft tissue graft material. This is because the palate is thick enough to provide sufficient harvest material. It is also easy to access and easy to care for post graft, which helps make your recovery easier. It should be mentioned that, in the past, this could be an uncomfortable procedure. Today, though, technology and techniques have improved and discomfort can be minimized.

It's worth noting that in addition to using your own tissue for grafts, donor tissue can also be employed. The choice between autograft and donor tissue depends on various factors, and both options have their advantages.

Gum Grafting in McMinnville OR

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