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Dental Technology

At Willamette Valley Periodontics, we pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on the most advanced periodontal technology available today. Our use of cutting-edge technology allows us to better prevent, diagnose, and treat periodontal problems.

Guided Biofilm Therapy

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is an advanced dental hygiene approach designed to provide a thorough and precise cleaning experience for patients. This innovative technique involves the use of airflow technology and ultrasonic scalers to remove dental plaque, stains, and biofilm from teeth and gums. GBT focuses on individual patient needs, offering a tailored and minimally invasive solution. The airflow technology uses a combination of air, warm water, and fine powder to gently and efficiently eliminate biofilm and deposits, promoting optimal oral health. Your dental professional will personalize the treatment to ensure a comfortable and effective experience, leaving your teeth feeling refreshed and your smile revitalized.
Guided Biofilm Therapy

Guided Implant Placement

Guided implant placement is a cutting-edge technique in dentistry that enhances the precision and success of dental implant procedures. This method involves the use of advanced technology, such as 3D imaging and computer-guided software, to plan the optimal placement of dental implants. Guided implant placement not only ensures accuracy but also often results in reduced surgery time and a quicker recovery period. This innovative approach provides patients with a reliable and efficient solution for restoring missing teeth, promoting both functionality and aesthetics in a way that aligns with your individual dental needs.


The LANAP protocol is a laser-based treatment for gum disease. There is no cutting and suturing with the LANAP protocol. Patients typically report less pain and discomfort during and after the procedure, compared to traditional periodontal surgery. This patient friendly procedure helps you get healthy again comfortably, without fear. Generally, the LANAP protocol is less invasive than traditional surgery and helps maintain a beautiful smile line.

Platelet Rich Fibrin

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) is a relatively new part of periodontics. In the past, this revolutionary procedure could only be found in hospitals. This product, made from your own blood, contains your own growth factors to allow for quicker and easier healing of wounds. Thanks to technological advancements, we now can produce PRF right here in our office!

Cone beam ct scanner in dental exam room

Cone Beam CT

Cone beam computed tomography, or CBCT scans, are an important diagnostic tool. Unlike traditional dental x-rays, a CBCT scan gives us a 3D view of your teeth, supportive bone, and soft tissues. This can be immensely beneficial during the treatment planning for dental implants and other surgical procedures. We may also recommend a scan to help us better diagnose periodontal problems that are not initially visible to the naked eye.

Allogenic (donor) Grafting Possibilities

Allogenic (donor) bone grafts are increasingly popular in implant dentistry when a patient lacks sufficient bone density for an implant. If you need a graft, Dr. Graser will choose the most suitable type for your specific needs. However, it no longer needs to come from your hip, as it did in the past! Unlike some other grafts, this bone doesn't grow new bone on its own. Instead, it acts as a framework for your existing bone to grow around, filling the area and providing support for the implant. This approach helps ensure a successful and stable outcome for your dental implant procedure.

Ultrasonic Scaler and Electric Handpieces

We use an ultrasonic scaler and other electric handpieces to perform cleanings and treat periodontal (gum) disease. An ultrasonic scaler produces microscopic bubbles that implode on the surface of your teeth. These implosions remove the plaque and tartar deposits from your teeth while killing harmful bacteria.

Oral Cancer Screening

An oral cancer screening is a precautionary measure that can give you peace of mind. We use the latest diagnostic tools during our screenings to provide a more comfortable and effective experience. We may recommend screening if you are at a greater risk for developing cancer due to factors like genetics and poor personal habits.

PRF is a by-product of the blood that is dense in the platelets responsible for blood clotting. These platelets are also rich in growth factors that stimulate and accelerate tissue healing and regeneration. We may recommend PRF to improve and expedite the healing process following bone grafting, gum graft surgery, and implant surgery.

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